How this deep tech startup helped us discover the eureka moment.

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2 min readOct 31, 2022
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How it started aka the #beginning

We met this mind-blowing robotic startup at the early stage of Persa. When we started working on the idea of improving customer experience, #CX and making customer support much more instant and interactive, this startup joined our first beta release. At that time, we only had a live chat plug-in with a knowledge base. which was perfect for them; they were a small team of 5 (2 cofounders, 2 engineers, and 1 customer person).

Customer discovery aka the #need

They were looking for a tool to interact with their online visitors, and existing customers in an easy-to-use, user-friendly, centralized place with all their product information and documentation.

Fortunately for us, we were doing exactly that, albeit with a few minor glitches here and there. But that was fine because we customized our software to satisfy their needs.

After a few months of constant usage and improvement, we started realizing that visitors were interested in what they were doing but werenโ€™t asking questions in the chat. For example, one day a visitor came to their website and spent more than 15 minutes reading from the knowledge base articles, pricing page, and user feedback section and ended up just leaving the website with no information. That was the watershed moment.

The eureka moment aka the #business_idea

After a few hours of brainstorming, it was obvious that we needed to update our solution to not only let visitors and customers reach out to support but also inform the support team when there is a potentially good prospect on the website.

"At that point, we realized we were on to something big, something that could change the game for the customer support industry." Serge Kadjo CEO at Persa Co.

Since then, we have been polishing our product while delivering best-in-class service to our customers, from SMBs to big retailers.

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